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Descrição do Serviço

Anxiety makes it difficult to sleep, and lack of sleep makes you more anxious. This video will show you how it affects your nervous system, and 3 simple tips to help you fall asleep and stay asleep.

Here's what you'll learn:
-My own journey with interrupted sleep (I and my wife have been experiencing difficulty sleeping)
-The two types of interrupted sleep that i see at my clinic
-Why anxiety is a "doubly whammy" in terms of hurting your sleep
-The questions that the National Institute of Health created to analyze sleep anxiety
-The science behind why anxiety interferes with sleep
-The first set of questions that I ask patients who come in with difficulty sleeping:
- - “when your head hits the pillow, do you have trouble shutting your brain off?
- - "Does your brain start spinning with worry thoughts about the future?"
- - "When you can’t sleep, does looking at the clock make you more anxious because you start to worry that you won’t get enough sleep?”

-The medical definition of anxiety
-How anxiety creates nervous feelings and how that impacts your ability to get to sleep
-How to practice good sleep hygiene
-Why it's important to not check the news before you go to bed
- I walk you through a body scan, step by step, which you can perform while you are lying in bed. This will help you fall asleep quickly and enjoy more peaceful sleep, even if you are anxious.
-Why a body scan works so well
-What happened when I taught the body scan to a women's golf team at Yale

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